Itunes & Google Play

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Many listeners are asking about IOS (Apple iTunes) and Android (Google Play) apps/availability.  The truth is, we are total rookies and did’nt even consider [in this day and age] a lengthy approval process.  We are told Apple could take up-to 2 WEEKS!!! A live person will review our structure, the shows we are offering and ensure we pass the strict requirements. We have the approval from GooglePlay, but we are awaiting an email stating the content has been made available on their store/service.

Other Apps and Websites Awaiting Approval: Stitcher, iheart Radio, Soundcloud (approved), Speaker and a few more we are considering.  More to come!

Welcome to Our new Site!

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We’ve decided to make a little page that will act as a central hub for all the bullshit necessary for you to find us.  We are winging it here so if you have suggestions or anything that may help us  feel free to give a shout out.


In the mean time we are working on getting everything set for launch.  You’ll hear the first none beta release soon.