When Life Attack’s Episodes

Episode: 75 “Celebrity Lectures” – Award season is proving to be yet another in a series of celebrity lectures. Travis ponders why 2017 led to a lot of empty movies. Jim talks about his first dart tournament.

Episode: 74 “Star Wars, Minneapolis Miracle & Cranberries” – Travis and Jim are back from their holiday break discussing how they each spent their time. A review and visit back to ‘Star Wars : The Last Jedi’. The Minneapolis Miracle (Saints vs Vikings Divisional Playoff Game) is described in detail. We do a very poor job saying goodbye to Cranberries lead singer, Dolores O’Riordan whom passed away Monday (1/15/18)

Episode: 73 “The Christmas Show 2017” – It’s our first Christmas Special! Joining the show is the every relaxed Obi Wan (Obi1)along with Jim and Travis they share some of their favorite Christmas stories. If these stories depress you or make you feel like they aren’t very happy stories at all, then you know they’re authentic. Merry Christmas Lifers!

Episode: 72 “The Disaster Artist & Christmas Copouts” – Jim and Travis take in the film ‘The Disaster Artist’. Spoilers until around 27 minutes. A film based and built on the worst movie ever made [The Room]. Jim shares how this holiday is attacking him this year. Travis and Jim discuss gifts to ask for or don’t ask for or some combination of both. Christmas is always full of a certain amount of misery.

Episode 71 “Kevin Smith & Cocaine” – Jim saw Kevin Smith live again. The fellas decided to hangout and everything went sideways. Cocaine’s a hell of a drug!

Episode 70 “Millennials Cheer Up” – Why so many people seem a little down reveals itself. NFL has decided to upset Travis. Somebody has decided video games don’t cost enough. IPA’s are strong brews. Guess how strong?

Episode 69 “Thanksgiving Empathy” – The guys talk prayer situations, Which turkey recipes worked for Jim. Black Friday mumblings. Jim faces iPhone issues. Thanksgiving breakdown.

Episode 68 “This Might Save Your Life & Gender Identity” – Travis is back. Stui our friendly Pharmacist joins the show to discuss medication combos that kill. Most are very common… Yikes! Travis talks about his new job. Jim chimes in with some new experiences. Ever been to an escape room? How about a Drag Queen Brunch?

Episode 67 “Xbox One X, CoDWW2, China & Donkey Sex” – Cheese and James are involved in a long one this week. Halloween aftermath to the new Xbox One X console. Also James adds some fun facts about China. As always the internet provides with information about socially acceptable donkey sex.

Episode: 66 “Halloween Special II” – Jim, Cheese & Scott pull together a last minute Halloween show. We cover Halloween crimes, some horror movies based on real world happenings. Kevin Spacey enters the convo. Jim is sick. Travis had a personal issues pop up so this years Halloween Special took some hits but we still delivered thanks to Cheese and Scott.

Episode: 65 “Stranger Things, Death Rays & Harry Dean Stanton” Travis discusses a missed opportunity. Jim freaks families out again. A death ray is real. Do we still hunt vampires? Harry Dean Stanton goes out with a bang.

Episode: 64 “ASU Wins, What do kids know? & the birthday” Travis shares his celebration after ASU upset #5 Washington. Jim’s business is kind of destroying lives. Funny people make for funny birthdays. Jim has questions…. FOR A 10 & 12 YEAR OLD!

Episode: 63 “Blade Runner 2049, Cheating” Blade Runner is discuss although not spoiled so feel no worries there. We discuss an article about why women cheat. Dove is racist I guess.

Episode: 62 “Vegas & Petty Blues” The fellas are shell shocked.

Episode: 61 “Juggalos and Toys R Us” Travis is visited by the Ghost of One Night Stands. Jim’s favorite store Toys R Us is in trouble. What is a Juggalo and why are they marching on Washington? Two words… Rage Room!

Episode: 60 “IT” The boys are joined this week by Obi who’s helping spoil the new film [Stephen Kings new iteration of his 1986 Best Selling Novel] “IT”. Do they do a good job? Pretty iffy, but it’s entertaining. If you don’t want the movie spoiled for you, the whole first part of show the boys discuss Minnesota United FC Soccer, Jim hitting a gas main and the show hurts a Lifer…((((JIM)))

Episode: 59 “Movie Pass How-To & The Goon 2 Drinking Game” Jim and Travis craft a bet. Jim describes a very uncomfortable doctor visit. Goon 2 was taken in and it seems there is a game afoot. We teach you how-to Movie Pass.

Episode: 58 “Mayweather vs McGregor & The Cop Talk” First time guest “The Deputy” joins Jim this week to discuss the super fight, sports and offers some insight into the law enforcement game. You’ll learn there is no plan or organization within modern society.

Episode: 57 “Girls Always Disappoint Me” This weeks show is all about Travis as he dives balls deep into a relationship with “Texas-Exas” in an effort to explain his reservations about jumping back into the dating game. Jim listens…

Episode: 56 “Save My Foreskin from North Korea” – Life attacks Jim and Travis at the same time this week. We’re not all going to die in a nuclear war and Jim thinks its all bullshit. We gloss over a few missed bases from previous weeks.

Episode: 55 “Plenty of Catfish with a Side of Stewie” Travis talks about his re-entry into the Plenty of Fish dating arena. Stewie the Neighborhood Pharmacist joins the boys to bullshit. Obi update that warms your hearts.

Episode: 54 “Dunkirk, Shark Week & Jonestown” This week the boys finally see a movie they both enjoyed in ‘Dunkirk’. We discuss a Shark Week rip-off that left the fellas feeling cheap and used. Cult month continues and this weeks show discusses a horrific event(s) of Jonestown.

Episode: 53 “Siege on Waco” We decided to throw the timer out the window bringing together the story of the Branch Davidian’s. You know that group with that dude who thought he was the second coming of Jesus?! Had a compound in Texas. Sh*t got real and we broke it down.

Episode: 52 “Wonder Woman, Order of the Solar Temple” – Jim Saw Wonder Woman. The Guys discuss the holiday. We explore another cult in this months series looking at The Order of the Solar Temple.

Episode: 51 “Heaven’s Gate, Las Vegas Goes Green & Moving Out”– Travis and Jim talk about the 8th state going green for recreational weed. The guys address moving out for the first time. We discuss the Heaven’s Gate Cult in our new month long series looking at a few cults.

Episode: 50 “The Travis Show” Travis Mcfalls flies solo this week fielding more fan questions.

Episode: 49 “The 3 Man” A special guest joins the show this week and shares his thoughts.

Episode: 47 “Iceland Sex, Baywatch and Wisconsin” How long do the women of Iceland make a guy wait? Which cities are drunk most often? How was the new movie Baywatch? We’ll tell ya!

Episode: 46 “Alien Covenant, POF & Where We Went” Where and why did Travis and Jim go for the last 6 weeks? Finally we get to see the new Alien movie and the guys share their thoughts. The modern movie plex keeps changing. POF or Plenty of Fish is a dating site and it will become part of the show.

Episode: 45 “Syria Bombs & Burning Man” We’re sorry we missed a week. Not cool but, Travis had a little medical scare. We discuss our heroic bombing of Syria proposing some interesting alternatives. Discover Burning Man cost enough to warrant a financial assistance department. Look into a promising position for men in Japan and end discussing some of the finer points of being a good roommate.

Episode: 44 “Life” The boys go to the movies together and discuss the film ‘Life. This week inspires a tasting of Mountain Dews’ new flavors. Travis has spent some time with Mass Effect: Andromeda and shares his review.

Episode: 43 “Mass Effect: Andromeda” Its all Mass Effect this week as we produce our shortest show yet so Travis can get his hands on his copy.

Episode: 42 “Kong: Skull Island & St Patrick’s Day” We don’t spoil Kong or give away to much other than Jim’s feelings on the flick. Travis explores a song that always left a question in just about every Gen X’ers mind. Let’s talk a little St Patty’s day. How to handle (or not handle) a ‘Hero Moment’ when you’re not the ‘Hero’.

Episode: 41 “Logan and the E-Cig”  Jim spoils the movie “Logan” over his own emotional wreckage. Travis is demanding more from Radio. When and where can you e-cig? Have you noticed the Global Warming in your neck of the woods? How about your Porn Hub feed? Pretty f’ed lately!

Episode: 40 “Bill Paxton & Nothing About the Oscars” The boys remember Aliens Alum Bill Paxton. Jim went to Chicago and shares opening up about how much money a man can freely piss away receiving little in return. 7 new planets in the Trappist System are discovered as “Earth-like” & they sure as shit are not Earth close.

Episode: 39 “John Wick Chapter 2 & The Henchmen” We have Travis on a hot streak. Two in a Row! John Wick Chapter 2 is not spoiled, but John Wick 1 totally is. Jim tells you how to save big bucks buying a car. Travis confesses his balding but true life struggle. Have you ever considered the “the henchmen economy”?

Episode: 38 “The Jim & Travis Show” For the 1st time in 2017 Mr. Travis McFalls decides to end his hiatus returning to the show with a detailed explanation of just WTF happened. We discuss (or try to) monster truck events. Valentines day is glossed over and we might have discussed the worst spontaneous sexual act of Travis’ life.

Episode: 37 “I’m Going to Disney World” The week that was super food, super game and super T.V. How was your party? Gaga was amazing. A show you can’t miss on Netflix. Much like the Patriots, Jim’s got family headed to Disney World and we take a look at what that might be like for them.

Episode #36 “Super Bowl Ruined My Lap Dance” We discuss the Super Bowl party season. Are you doing it right? We gloss over the last 30 years of Academy Award winners for Best Picture. Bachelor parties are in the near future and it seems the grooms want them pretty tame. Jim disagrees.

Episode #35 “Alternative Facts” We talk learning new stuff, the exhaustion of being fed up about…. well…. everything. Is the phrase, “That car will get you laid” applicable to most new cars and trucks? We keep it light as Scott, Adam and James discuss nothing important. Yes, Travis is MIA AGAIN.

Episode #34 “Define Sad?” One of us is back from our holiday break and why the other is gone is touched on. Scott Angus is back again and he brought with him Adam Griffith, a new comer to the program who will no doubt represents ‘that guy’ in your peer group (we love him still). We talk several random things on this weeks podcast including; pro football for women, death in the real world and how much crab is too much crab?

Episode 33 “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” A very Christmas episode includes Jim learning the lyrics to a very popular holiday song as Travis drops some truth on him about its possible real meaning. They even enter into a duet (which is not good at all. The blur of the holiday season seems topical, so the boys discuss.’

Episode #32 “Rogue One Broke Up My Fat Shaming” This week’s episode feature’s guest Caleb John Busachker a fellow Lifer who stops by to discuss things and lets the boys in on a popular Santa Fat-Shaming incident. Tis the season to break-up says the stats of a few popular site. We get warmed up for the looming installment of Star Wars with Rogue One talk (which goes everywhere). How’s your gift exchange?

Episode #31 “Charles Manson & LSD” This weeks podcast ends up focusing on Charles Manson. We touch on the wonderful world of acid (LSD). The boys are still fish out of water conducting yet another podcast without quality equipment.

Episode #30 “Black Cyber Deals & Lame Arcades” Jim rides into war with our favorite sub Scott as Travis recovers from a birthday that threw his neck out. Scott takes us through bringing home a new baby. The podcast examines the so-called deals over cyber Monday and black Friday. Why did McDonalds commit suicide? How did everything get so bland? We also catch you up on how the holiday treated us.

Episode #29 “Thanksgiving Traditions & Plane Crashes” This weeks fun cast discusses scary flights, the exit aisle on a plane, traditions of the Thanksgiving holiday, and other festive podcast talkers. Travis and Jim have once again come through for you ‘Lifers’ delivering a podcast sure to put you in a Thanksgiving kind of mind.

Episode #28 “WTF Just Happened?!” The guys are not freaking out like the rest of the world over the election results. Travis travels like few can. This weeks show suffers from supreme disorganization as Jim and Travis attempt to piece the week that was together while regrouping and moving forward.

Episode #27 “The Rockstar” Mark Buzard from the band ‘Baby Island’ joins the show and we talk touring, producing music and the scope of what it means to be in music today. <— This guy rules!

Episode #26 “Scary Story – “Halloween Special” This Weeks entire show is dedicated to Jim’s favorite holiday. The voice of the show, Imogen Dalton, reads a true account of demons and possession (33:09 if you want to just hear the story) reported by the Indianapolis Star. Travis unloads several freak deets. We share what’s popular this Halloween.

Episode #25 “Your Plus One Is So Hot” Things are all over the place this week. Jim gives us updates on the Daniff and t-Shirts. Travis wants a word with bicycle people. An unlikely plus 1 at a work meeting catches Travis’ attention. Jim walks us through epoxy floors which is super exciting. We tell you how to find “Goose”.

Episode #24 “Greedy Obi” A traffic discussion reveals Jim’s violent side. Obi a piranha? Travis makes a convincing argument. Do we need Halloween costumes to be PC?

Episode #23 “Limp Demons” Obi & Future have discovered a demon. Having trouble with ED? We might have answers for you. The show has a friend in need. Let’s help Soapy!

Episode #22 “Hipsters are Mean” This weeks podcast thanks all our new fans for listening. We catchup with Obi-1 and working for friends. The boys address hipsters.

Episode #21 “It’s Fall not Christmas” Do we need x-mas decor in August? What about love mementos? Have you dated a friend? The fellas cover all this and more in this weeks When Life Attacks.

Episode#20 “F**k Your Wheelage Tax” Travis thinks tabs are bullshit. The guys talk about the petition. Jim went to the Renaissance Festival. Future Man explores his future.

Episode #19 “Labor, Turning 21, WWI Plane Lust” The guys are back to business as usual. Travis tackles a lost question while pondering film adaptations. So what’s all this labor talk about? The joy of turning 21. Travis would eat WHAT!?!?!

Episode #18 “How Jim Sucks and Left Travis’ Tender Balls in the Wind” Travis takes over the show as life has literally attacked Jim [in a good way].

Episode #17 “The Stripper Chat” – Meet Chloe, ‘The Queen of Diamonds’ was kind enough to sit down with fellas for some straight talk about her experiences in the world of stripping and adult entertainment. She shares her first time on stage, limits, secrets to keeping a hot bod and the reality of the profession.

Episode #16 “Projects, Guests & Dribble” The guys announce a new project. Some minor movie geeking out occurs. A special guest is announced for next week.

Episode #15 “Smokers” “Party Etiquette” “Global Warming” The guys maybe will/maybe won’t do something about global warming. Jim wants to talk party fouls. Everybody loves smoking whether they admit it or not.

Episode #14 “Bro Code” Friends of the show find themselves in a love triangle. We talk shopping cart etiquette. “KnightSquire” of youtube is on Travis’ cool radar.

Episode #13 “Big Pharma” “Election Fatigue” “2 Dick Sharks?” Travis talks shop on his new gig. The guys discuss our piss poor 2016 election situation and Jim thinks we should change the whole game. Travis talks sharks. Daniff gets her name.

Episode #12 “Star Trek, Malls, Space & Singing Orgasm” Jim decides the universe is bullshit. The guys discuss malls, Mall of America, Star Trek and define/discuss and succubus situation. And then theirs that singing orgasm thing.

Episode #11 “Dad Chat” John McFalls stops by and becomes the shows first guest. Jim saw the new Ghostbusters and gives his two cents. We find out a little about a possible future president.

Episode #10 “Don’t Hate” The world blew up this past week so Travis and Jim take some time to talk about all the crazy. Jim saw one of the worst movies ever made. Travis explores the job market while discussing ‘Moron’ and his undesirable qualities.

Episode #9(B) “Best Wedding Ever” After missing a week the guys decide to put another hour together to make up for their absence. James takes us back in time to Obi 1’s first marriage to ‘Common Trash’. Best wedding ever!

Episode #9(A) “Customers vs Cashiers” Travis and Jim take opposing views regarding customers vs cashiers. Both ponder the right amount of time to remove crying kids. The Daniff makes the convo a challenge.

Episode #8 “Aliens, Pregnancy & Uber” We talk aliens, becoming a father for the first time and the fruits of driving for Uber. Special Guest Scott Angus fills in for Travis.

Episode #7 “Pet Stop Heroes” Jim’s Daniff goes through hell and back. The boys talk fights they lost.

Episode #6 “Daddy Issues” Jim’s Dad lets him know how he thinks the show is going. Travis is on the mend and discusses TX wedding. The guys might try some changes.

Episode #5 “Travis is Dying” Travis is convinced his bug bite is terminal. Jim is now pissed at Best Buy. Naming Jim’s new Daniff is proving to be a task.

Episode #4 “Being Nice Does Pay” Jim goes to the Twin Cities Burger Battle and finds a war. Travis gives man hugs for money and lives to tell about it.

Episode #3 “Chivalry Can Kill You” Jim & Travis go see “The Podfather” Kevin Smith downtown for a little Q&A. Travis decides to save a working girl. Jim gets pictures of Obi’s new conquest.

Episode #2 “Shrooms Allegedly” Sorry, this episode had to be removed. We know it was popular and we understand you’re frustrated.  Tough shit!

Episode #1 “So It Begins” Meet Travis McFalls & James Hamilton. Two average dudes discussing the hilarity of living. What a ride.